Release Date: March 2019
Label: The Leaf Label
Formats: Digital
Duration: 2 tracks, 10 minutes
Roles: Recording engineering, production, and composition

The Afterglow EP is a follow-up collaboration with pianist Matthew Bourne following the Nightports w/ Matthew Bourne album. This EP features just 2 tracks, but seeks to capture two extreme aspects of Matthew’s playing – a super-delicate reflection (‘You Would Say That’) and an explosive, complex and aggressive shout (‘You’d Never Ask’). Written and released as our contribution to Piano Day.

Artwork by Split. Photography by Sara Theresa.

Nightports is based on a simple but unbreakable rule of restriction: only sounds produced by the featured musician can be used. Nothing else. These sounds can be transformed, distorted, translated, processed and reprocessed, stretched, cut, ordered and reordered without limitation.